The Commish

Commish - from the golfers point of view

While originally thought of as nothing more then a figurehead with no real hope of victory, The Commish quickly showed that he could stack a league to allow even the least skilled golfer to achieve victory winning year 1 himself. He subsequently followed that up, showing real dedication, eventually becoming a back to back to back champion on the coattails of many a mediocre golfer. Despite the decreased satisfaction that comes from running a rigged league the Commish continues to put in tons of time and effort. Finding ways to organize a group of guys many would consider a lost cause. Dragging flag prizes out of the most miserly community members. All this effort has resulted in him being the compensated (not paid) leader of the best damn golf league anywhere. We salute you!!

Commish - The Inside Scoop

Patrick began his golf career from humble beginnings playing with his Mom and Grandma on the 9 holes of the Wheaton Country Club. With little in regards to formal training, Patrick worked his way into tee times with his friends' dads to get tips on his game. Patrick's love of the game and natural talent earned him the title of Subsection champion his senior year with high hopes of making it to the State tournament. His hopes were deflated, however, after he chocked under the pressure and failed to place in the section finals... Have I mentioned this before?

Flash forward to 2017 and Busch league is born! You all know the story of Busch league's rise in popularity and ridiculousness that each week brings. However, the behind the scenes work is the Busch league that I know. This includes Patrick wasting...I mean spending endless hours drafting the weekly Sunday email, creating the perfect pairings, and swindling local merchants for free gift cards for flag prizes. Speaking of flag prizes, anyone remember how Eagle Rock refused to offer a flag prize a few years back-believe me that it is no coincidence that Busch league has not returned since that day. You insult Busch league, you insult the core that is Patrick Klugman.

With the 2020 Busch league season coming to a close, Patrick is shifting his role from organizer to coach as he is initiating the early phases of molding his 2 yo daughter into a collegiate golfer-we really have no other college savings plan. But have no doubt that in the back of his mind, he will always be scheming up new stunts to ring in the 2021 Busch league season to ensure that each year is just a bit more elite and extravagant than the year before!